New Subsidy Control Newsletter

The UK State Aid Law Association is working with Lexxion to produce a new free, bi-monthly newsletter focussing on the latest developments in Subsidy Control Law.

This newsletter is designed to be capable of being read during a commute into work – the articles will be clear and concise, focussing on the issues which are important.  The first edition will be published in September 2023.

We would benefit from your help in two ways.  Firstly, if you are interested in writing an article or have a topic you would like to see covered, then please contact us at:  Secondly, if you would like to receive the newsletter then please sign up here:

We want as many people to be regularly reading the newsletter as possible, so please let your contacts know about it.  Whether you are a judge, journalist, lawyer, civil servant, public servant, economist, accountant, academic or in any other role –  if you are interested in Subsidy Control then this newsletter will be of interest to you.

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